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Micronet Madison is made up of interesting people who enjoy meeting other people. One of the best ways to connect with local professionals is to meet them person-to-person. When you spend the time to meet someone you can talk about life, work, challenges, and opportunities. Oftentimes you both walk away feeling inspired and knowing how you can help each other with their goals. We call this micro-networking.

The challenging part of micro-networking is finding the other people in your community who also want to connect on a micro-level. Micronet Madison takes care of this for you. We send weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly introductions to individuals via email based on your preferences. All Micronet Madison members want to meet you and empower you to get to the next level with your career, business, and life.

Good things to know

  • It’s free
  • This is for people who work or live in the Madison/Dane County area
  • We meet with every member before they join the group
  • We will only contact you about Micronet Madison
  • We just make introductions, you sort out details (when, how, where, etc…)
  • An algorithm matches members and sends weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly introductions based on your preferences

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